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A New Formula For Magworks Wiper Blade Lubricant

We are constantly asked by our customers and new contacts for better and longer lifespan OPC drums. Of course, the obvious answer would be to find a drum manufacturer that produces good quality drums right from the beginning, so that we are guaranteed an OEM-equivalent or at least close to OEM page yield.However, we know for a fact that in reality a lot of other factors affect the drum life and these include quality of toner, blades, and PCRs, print coverage, etc.

The aforementioned 3 components come in direct contact with the drum and affect the drum coating which in turn determines its lifespan. Print coverage too affect the drum longevity. Constant printing of high coverage graphics will cause the drum coating to wear out much faster as opposed to printing purely word files.

So what’s the missing link to extending a drum life? Finding the perfect lubricant for applying on a laser or copier wiper blade. The improved Magworks Wiper Blade Lubricant forms a white, tough, thin coating on PU of a blade that greatly reduces friction, heat, wear and blade-flipping while extending the overall blade and drum life by at least 20%. This blade lubricant reduces friction and heat by providing a thin, protective layer of teflon. It is highly recommended to let the blade dry for at least 10 minutes after application. A layer of white powder will appear on the PU when the coating chemical is fully dried.

Magworks Wiper Blade Lubricant is sold in 110ml per bottle and it is available for immediate shipment now.