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We all want to be smarter about our purchases. Based on our own research and experience in the remanufacturing processes, we have created a quick guide to help you tell the difference between the good stuff and the bad.

Tip #1: Don’t just look at the exterior and packaging of a cartridge. It is what’s inside – the quality and weight of toner – that counts. Always ask the amount of toner that is filled in a cartridge and check the yield that this cartridge can print based on its toner fill weight. Use that as a basis to compare prices. 1kg of premium quality toner can give as much as 30% higher page yield when compared to an inferior quality toner.

Tip #2: For colour copiers that operate on dual-component systems (each copier usually consists of 4 drum units, 4 toner cartridges and 4 developer units), always check that the toner cartridge is filled with toner and carrier (iron fragments). The carrier percentage within each cartridge ranges from 8%-15%. Carrier is an expensive component that is essential for proper charging of toner to contribute to better image quality, prevent backgrounding and more importantly, extend a developer unit lifespan. If your developer unit requires frequent replacement, check that the toner cartridges you purchase contain carrier.

Tip #3: Ensure that the brand new compatible cartridge casing and its accessories are made of good quality plastic so that it will not jam up the copier machine during installation or cracks easily.

We have more colour copier toner cartridges in our inventory than ever before, covering more than 46 models under 8 leading copier brands.

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